Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why we don't celebrate Valentines day

"Happy Valentines!" I chirped, flashing my pearly whites (they look white with the bright light of the webcam eh) last night to my husband. 
He gave me a quizzical look. And I asked, "Isn't it Valentines tomorrow?"
He nodded but said we never really celebrated it. I said, "well, I just feel like greeting you." And proceeded to tell him what happened to my humdrum day.  And got excited again when I heard his good news.

But anyway, why aren't we celebrating Valentines' day? Actually, we did. I think, once or twice, when we were not yet married. I think that was when were just starting out, first two years in the relationship, when you feel like being all the other couples out there. But when we got married, even if he was here in Manila, we won't go out, have a fancy dinner or something.

Well, here are some of our reasons:

1.  We don't want to be spotted celebrating on the 14th. We're not really Valentine haters, but it kinda gives us the creeps to join the love bandwagon. Uh sorry for those who are celebrating. It's our own problem that we can't really show in public our sweet side for each other. (But you know, when I was still fresh from college, I tell him to do sweet stuff to me in front of his ex-girlfriends. hehe. i kinda love my immature days...shows my raw side.)

2. Restos are too crowded, the city is jampacked with lovers.  I hate crowded places.  And we're not the type who will make early reservations.  The only reservation or booking we did was our wedding day. :)

3.  We usually stay late on the 13th because it's my sister's birthday.

4.  My hubby thinks it's a paganistic feast. I'll have to do my own research on this.

5.  Every day is Valentines' day...when he's here. * wink!  First few days of his arrival, we usually go out on date nights, sometimes as couple, sometimes with couple friends, sometimes with a couple of friends. 

6.  I'm not creative enough to make Valentine celebrations at home. I'm not really into cooking, crafts, and all. 

But maybe, we'll make an exception one Valentine day. :D