Friday, January 31, 2014

Fastfood fix: Salted caramel @ Mcdo

Hubby and I just love this salted caramel from Mcdo. 
Leaves a divine mix of salt and sweetness in your tastebuds, just the right way to cap an oily meal.
Best for nonsense chats on a lazy afternoon.  ;)

Wifey fever: coffee addiction

Wow, i'm still awake at 3:20am! It's not becoz of coffee. In fact, I just had 2 cups for the entire day, one  for brekky, one when i met dear Julls about 12 hours ago. (By the way, thanks to her, I was reminded to revisit this blog.)

Anyway, about coffee. I just thought that my coffee addiction had been so inflicted on hubby that even if i give him a cup or two before we go to sleep, he'd still end up snoring in less than 10 minutes. (Yeah, snoring in less than 10! ) Coffee is like milk for us, we also drink it at night. Maybe not milk, coffee is more like chamomile tea to us; it relaxes our nerves instead of jolting our senses. Don't ask me why, dunno the scientific explanation for it, coffee just does that to us.

 But here's what I learned a li'l bit about coffee:
  (be warned: info based on silly addiction, not necessarily geeky data)

Black coffee/cafe americano/brewed:  
Will not make u feel funny (i.e. will not encourage you to see the toilet and 'detoxify').  This is the reason why it's the personal choice of hubby when we're drinking coffee outside.
Stains your teeth faster than 2- or 3-in-1 coffee mix.
Top picks:  For beans, Brazilian's arabica beans.  For 3-in-1, Blend 45 soluble coffee which is way better than Nescafe's decaf. For coffee shop, Dunkin Donut's brewed coffee, try espresso shots of Starbucks.

White coffee/latte/milk:  
Relaxes you in a short while but will make u feel funny. (refer to statement above to know what i mean)
Won't leave your mouth smelling funny. (but take note, some arabica beans tend to be strong, even the milk doesn't help in foiling the coffee scent)
Best mixed with brown or muscovado sugar.
Top picks: For 3-in-one, Malaysian's Super or Old Town white coffee.  For coffee shop, Seattle's caffe latte.

Three-in-one coffee/instant coffee:
Leaves a funny smell and aftertaste in your mouth. (Bring mints if you're drinking outside)
Can make others acidic. I'm not really acidic when it comes to coffee, but i think I did once, after drinking 2-3 cups straight.
Top picks: For 3-in-one, Jimm's, Kopiko L.A. 

Specialty coffee/flavored coffee:
Almost same effect as white and 3-in-1 coffee, only you get to enjoy the unique flavor.
Remarkable experiences with the ff:
Green tea coffee of Starbucks -- super 'detoxifying' for me, i need to go home, rush to toilet, even if i just met an old friend, making me a party pooper (almost literally, eooow!)
Chai tea vanilla latte of Cafe Breton -- very, very relaxing, sweet, best at night.
Peppermint coffee -- minty, toothpastey. But becoz i love mint, i'm biased to this hihi.
Toffee nut/caramel machiatto -- nutty, caramel. Need i say more?
Civet coffee -- what a hype! I tasted 1 from Baguio, 1 from Borneo, and I don't think i'm interested to try another one. The one from Baguio is like hmmm, feces-like (now i'm overreacting and overimagining things here), but there's just this scent that u wish u didn't smell. The one from Malaysia is actually waaay better but it tastes like any coffee, only the beans are tastier once you're almost half empty, but has a smoother taste.