Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My fashion changes after marriage

I just realized my fashion picks changed when I got married.

During singledom --  Floral, Laces, Printed, Light colors (think pink and baby blue)
Marriedhood --  Plain, No prints, At most 2 colors (black, white, gray, red, navy blue)
Possible cause: Won't feel guilty shopping for new clothes, because it's easier to mix and match plain tops.
Hey, I'm trying to look like a practical wifey here. :)

During singledom -- Denim jeans, smart casual slacks
Marriedhood -- Black/denim tights, skirts
Possible cause: My muffin top just bloated so bad I can't fit into denim jeans and I'd rather not be depressed fitting into them. Plus, I'd rather show off my God-blessed legs than sulk over jeans that won't fit because of the bulge!  Plus, skirts and dresses are undeniably more feminine!

During singledom -- Earrings, necklace, pearls
Marriedhood -- Belts, bag, shoes
Possible cause: I had to stop wearing earrings for fear of hanging right earlobe due to stretched ear holes. The necklace? I just found it irritating one day. Let's just say jewelry stopped being an embellishment to my outfit and found belts, bag and shoes more practical & complementary to tops and bottoms.

What didn't change:
I still love blue. 
I still go for garterized tops to hide my other bulge at the back because of my S-curved scoliosis.
My passion for shopping new clothes is still here! 

What I'm looking forward:
I hope to accessorize using black stockings. 
But this is tricky. My hubby and his best friend seem to find black stocking on women an eyesore when it doesn't work well on the whole outfit.
I think it has to do with the shoes and the dress color. What do you think?

Can I pull off the look of this lady in black and gold dress here? Hmm, I think I need to cut off on carbs and sugar overload first. :)

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