Friday, September 4, 2015

Why are we making the world smaller or bigger?

It's my first time to almost cry over a sad international news. I feel some strings are pulled in my heart as I read the tragic death of Abdullah Kurdi's family.

 This man lost his wife and young kids; one by one, they died, he tried to save each one from drowning in the waves. The father paid a sizeable amount just to hop on to an inflatable dinghy. They were fleeing from their war-torn country to migrate to a safer European country. The father just wanted a better life for his family but it ended in a tragic death. They used to move from one neighboring area to another, hoping to find peace and safety, only to find themselves embroiled in another war, even poverty. They tried to migrate to Canada (if their papers were legally processed) but was rejected and the father felt fleeing through illegal means and the seas was their hope. Read the news to know more about their plight.

This news awakens the international community. The world notices the strict regulations imposed by EU, hitting on Dublin and economically-challenged Greece, more lenient Canada and Germany. The international issues are large and intertwining. Some blame the wars, some blame the international regulations.

I have a faint idea on regulations for asylum seekers, international communities' agreement for refugees, territorial borders, and the likes. The issue is for the debate of the political geniuses. I'm not one of them. But I just want to let this out. I'm saddened that the world, though geographically big, gets smaller, when we rather think and act smart, than feel it's just right to reach out to those in need. On the other hand, sometimes, we let the world looks bigger when it's actually small compared to universe. The earth is home for all races, the only home for mankind, at least for now. But because of international borders and issues, some think the world is big and say, please don't go to us, there are other places, besides we have bigger problems than yours.  Why are we making the world smaller or bigger according to our own convenience? This world has pieces of land, each rightfully owned by nations, but no one owns the world. Let's share this world please. The Creator designated humans to earth and it's the only place for all of us. Will it be too stupid, too difficult, too generous, if we try to share it and live peacably in it? 

Sigh. Right now, let me get some Michael Jackson tunes for comfort.   Now that I've let this out, back to my laundry and itinerary for today. Back to the world where every one does its own business and struggles to look on others. Hello world.  

Abdullah Kurdi and two kids. Photo lifted from BBC news.

The boy, Alan Kurdi, was swept ashore after drowning. Credits to Reuters for photo.

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