Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why I want Cory Aquino to live a bit longer

The Philippines is praying for her. To most, Cory Aquino symbolizes democracy, patriotism, woman’s power. Amen to these. But though I may be a bit patriotic, I didn’t find my own personal reason to pray for her.

Until I heard my grandma’s voice on the phone. Like her, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, perhaps, a few months earlier than Cory. She was asking me to reconcile with a person I thought I have forgiven. With everything that she said, the thing that struck me most was, “malapit na ako…nararamdaman ko.”

I believe only the cancer-stricken patient himself or herself knows what truly goes on with his or her body. That even though I wanted to comfort my lola that time, I cannot. I feel ounces of truth in that statement. And yet… I think Cory’s health has something to do with this. The news that Cory isn’t getting better, but just comfortable in the hospital, can make grandma lose hope. Here, a powerful lady like Cory gets all financial and moral help and millions of prayers. And yet, she isn’t getting any better?

I want Cory Aquino to have hope and strength so lola will also have the same hope and strength. I want Cory to still live because I want my lola to live a bit longer. Not live too long that she suffers in so much pain. But not live too short that she won’t be able to see and carry her first grandchild. Not too short that she won’t be able to witness reconciliation and forgiveness in our family.

Cory Aquino, you cannot die yet. Not now. More than everything, you symbolize faith. Not just with my grandma. But in each person praying sincerely for you, crying out loud to heaven for a miracle. Cory, you can teach people to surrender to God’s will – not yet. Now is not the time. Show this nation first that God answers prayers.


Anonymous said...

:( Hearing about Cory always reminds me of my mom, who also had metastatic colon cancer. I hope your lola doesn't let the news affect her. She seems very strong still. However, she's right in saying you should really try to fix things with your loved ones because life is short and you don't know what will happen tomorrow. *hugs*

misis said...

awww. hay. thanks...

reese said...

Hugs Ate. I'm praying for Nana. You're right. I do hope that, bright soul that she is, Nana would still be able to play with your son/daughter. That would be such a blessing. Pray tayo.