Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things I learned and re-learned from hubby


1. Cook nilaga. No brainer pala hehe, just drop everything in the boiling pot.

2. Cook adobo that tastes like patatim (gosh!)

3. Patience is indeed a virtue. Your kindness isn’t enough when your patience is limited. The more you try to be patient, the more that patience is put to test – and the more that you lose it. Solution? I have yet to master this.

4. Do not measure love, it is frustrating, and really, there’s no point. If you love someone, you do not ask why he loves you less, instead, ask how you can love more. Do not ask him to love you in a way you want to be loved, ask yourself how he wants to be loved.

5. Girls are always late, but guys will always wait.

6. You don’t wait for God to drop something in your lap. You go to Him. He’s God, not you.

7. Don’t talk to the one driving if he’s in the middle of something. Middle of the road, duh, and the hullabaloo on it. But be talkative when the driver is sleepy.

8. You can train guys to ask questions and directions for help on the road. Only when you got lost for the hundredth time. And when your common friends reacted already.

Yan na muna. I have to work na!


Anonymous said...

Haha cool! Sana lang the adobo doesn't taste like patatim hehe.

misis said...

hehehe. before, i was making this nasty comment that his adobo really tasted like patatim. then, when i got to do it by myself, it tasted like patatim din! but i have an excuse, i did adobong kangkong. eh siya, pork adobo that tasted like patatim! hehe

ceemee said...

Patatim is sweeter than adobo right? Maybe the sugar should be lessened?

I like this! -5. Girls are always late, but guys will always wait.

misis said...

hmmn, i'll try that, maybe less sugar will make it taste like real adobo.
As for #5, it's actually something that hubby learned from me, hehe. I just realized it...again. :) Iba talaga diba pag head over heels sayo ang asawa mo, ganun talaga. hehe.