Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple things I enjoy doing with my hubby

I already enjoyed doing simple things with my hubby, then boyfriend, when we were not yet married. And when we tied the knot, I still enjoy doing the same old things. Only this time, it’s more fun and carefree. It’s probably because we now have more time to do those stuff, unlike before, when we have to get home by 12 midnight (yeah, just like Cinderella!).

So here’s my list, not in order; here are some random, simple things I enjoy doing with my hubby, 7 years ago up to present…

  • Having caf√© lattes with Belgian waffle in a quiet, coffee shop (But if the coffee shop is jampacked, I’d rather go home.)
  • Watching comedy flicks at home
  • Swimming in a pool, not beach, and racing with hubby ( I love it also when I win!)
  • A leisure walk in a decent park (What I mean by decent is that there are no couples hanging in the park who can’t afford to get a room!)
  • Role-playing like deranged co-hosts of an AM radio station (We usually do this when he’s driving and traffic is so bad in Manila!)
  • Jamming (He plays the guitar, while I sing, and then we wait for a rain or storm!)
  • Shopping and then he’ll pay (hehe, love the shopping part and not having to pay for it!)
  • Riding a bus or car and leaning my head on his shoulder
  • Teaching hubby how to count 1 to 100 in Chinese
  • Praying with hubby (Assures me that I’m with the right man)
  • Reading bible verses to hubby while checking if he’s still awake (Hehe, I know I have to stop when I hear him snoring.)
  • Watching hubby snore (it’s a bit loud, I get embarrassed others may hear it, hehe. One time we’re in the hospital, I was afraid a sleep therapist may approach him.)
  • Getting tickled to death (Actually, it’s hubby who likes doing this to me, but I enjoy having the license to scream! He only stops when I’m out of breath already!)
  • Going out-of-town (I enjoy it even more now that we’re married, no more chaperones or reporting to parents!)

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