Sunday, January 20, 2013

I miss this place!

Hubby and I was here a few weeks before he left for Norway. 
It was his first time to visit Ace Water Spa, it's a big pool that create water ripples, bubbles, pulses that imitate the typical massage you get from your neighborhood spa. Instead of the strokes of hands, you get the gruuu-uung whish whooosh of water on your back, belly, thighs, or wherever you want them. They call it hydrotherapy massage.    

It's a real treat for me because I can't go into usual spa, because of my back condition.  But because of this hydrotherapy massage, I can now relate to hubby's addiction to massage. 
Anyway, I miss this place, because apart from the relaxing waters, hubby, myself, together with some friends had a foolish time acting like kids here. I was also loving the kiddie slide when the lifeguard told us it's just for kids.  But we're kids! At least in that brief moment.

I'm lazy right now to write a review of the place. But just to give you an idea, grown-ups would like the idea of burning their fats, improving blood circulation, bowel movement, fatigue, and what-have-you through their different pulsating seats and beds - right on the pool itself! 

Anyway, I'm calling hubby now to discuss plans of going here at least once a month. :)


Christin Theiss said...

that sounds like fun!

Cym Marzan said...

Hi Iris! You're back to blogging pala! WB! Which branch did you go to? Were you there when we went to ACE with the gang?

Pau Sison said...

yup, fun, relaxing...and i forgot to mention...i lost 2 pounds after spending 4 hours there!

thanks for dropping by. :0

Pau Sison said...

Went to the Pasig branch. Hey I was there with the gang in QC branch! Mary was there, right? I was the one who gave all of you the certificates hehe.

Julls said...

I didn't know you started blogging here again! Forgot to check that tab in my reader heh. I remember when I ran into you at Ace. Hey I only like a couple of blocks from the Pasig branch, next time give me a holler! ;)