Friday, June 19, 2015

Throwback at my back problem

I have a love-hate relationship with my spine.

Today, I kinda hate my scoliosis. It woke me up with a burning sensation. It also woke up hubby too, even though I was just quietly massaging it.  The past few days, this curved bone has been trying to get my attention. 

Perhaps, SexyB (that's SexyBones or SexyBod, the pet name of my scoliosis) feels jealous.  For years, I've ignored SexyB. When SexyB made hubby feel that I should resign from the job that I love about 5 years ago, I decided to ignore it.  Back then, regular trips to best chiropractor in town plus checkups, were helping me sleep soundly, breathe better. 

Months passed, SexyB didn't bother lungs anymore. That's when I began to love SexyB. Even though docs advised I should get SexyB under the knife, I embraced SexyB. (It just didn't make sense to me anymore: Surgery to help me breathe normally when I feel so alive, breathing. Docs proposed a treatment to a century-old problem, but even today, science and doctors still don't know the primary cause of idiopathic scoliosis!). So I saved SexyB from titanium, nuts and bolts.

Then I introduced SexyB to God. They became friends. And SexyB was so quiet and cooperative with me, not until the past few days.  SexyB has been getting my attention with its jolting sensation in the morning. Hubby was driving when I exclaimed, "I hate my (SexyB) !" We were laughing actually because I felt I could have been that billboard model along Edsa had SexyB not interefered in my height (lost 2-3 inches from my teen height). 

So anyway, SexyB, here's my message for you:
Please don't be a brat. Don't act up anymore.
I know you're there. 
In fact, I'm thankful for you. 
I get tons of massage with love from hubby. 
You made me see things beyond career. 
You even reintroduced me to God (yes, you).
You know, you can keep me company until rapture. 
That's when you'll be straight and perfect. 


rach said...

I have seen you struggle with SexyB before and I have to say that you are very brave in dealing with her (I am sure babae ang gender niya diba hehee).

Ingat kayo :)

Julls said...

Hey you. Sorry to hear that SexyB is acting up. It has been a long time since it did ha! :) Hope it will be okay soon. Nagpapapansin lang talaga yan hehe.

Pau Sison said...

Thanks girl friends! Muaah!