Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My hubby’s dream (as in panaginip)

I dunno if this is worthy of a first blog. (technically, this is 2nd because my first entry was actually a rationalization of how I got into blogging.) But I am intrigued, a bit bothered, fascinated, and plain amused with my hubby. About two weeks ago, he texted me saying he really missed me because he dreamt of me almost every night (he’s 11,424 miles or 18,385 kilometers away from me right now and we haven’t seen each other for 2 months, 2 weeks and 6 days!).

I’ll keep the other dreams to ourselves, hehe. But this dream is kinda worth sharing.
Hubby dreamed of me being interviewed by a local celebrity host Kris Aquino.
Kris: “You’re so shy…”’
Me: (smiles) [I just presumed I just smiled and didn’t say a thing coz ganon ako pag nahihiya, mahiyain daw o!]
Kris: “Tell us about your famous ‘loving and quiet’…”

End of story. Bitin? Ay naku, hubby can’t remember the details of the dreams. He just told me I got famous for something about “loving and quiet.” Uh, okkkay. So the following day, I googled “loving and quiet” and realized most of the entries refer to a pet. Anu ba, meowwww, ngiyaaaaw. Arf arf! Roaaar! Hehe. Did I turn into a pet that’s why I became famous? Enough to be interviewed by Kris? Haha. I can sometimes be a tiger ‘pag galit or bwiset. Not that nangangalmot ako, hehe, but I can scratch your pride. Oh, nasty. But years before I got married, my hubby taught me to mellow and say “Arf arf” to him. Yup, I became like a doggie na sunud-sunuran sometimes. And guess what, I don’t mind. I submit to him when I understand why I need to do things the way he wants me to do them. Submissive wife, yes, but I’m still learning this one.


lemon supernova said...
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lemon supernova said...

Awww... Maybe true love really does that to us, we learn to bend to complement our partner. Hihi. Lookin forward for more of your posts Ate.