Friday, May 15, 2009

OUR love

(I’m joining for the first time, this is my first entry for their topic on SpeakoutFriday.)

Hubby and I were so thankful that it didn’t rain on our wedding day (garden wedding po kasi kami sa ceremony). But tears rained during our exchange of vows. Guests commented that they were touched and inspired. We were surprised that even the people not really close to us cried. Later on, I realized it’s not just the words nor the manner of delivery, it’s not just the speech. The people closer to us said they simply felt the genuine love we have for each other.

And I guess that’s what hubby and I really keep in mind, seek our hearts when we no longer find logical answers, when explanations don’t seem enough, when patience and understanding reached limits. Because there, we find our love.
Love has become such a commercial, hackneyed term that it either sounds too basic and simple or too complex and indefinable. It sounds simple because it seems easy to love and be in love, thinking it’s such a familiar feeling and probably the basic reason why you got together. And yet it becomes complex when you get hurt or you hurt the ones you love.

Even so, I believe that just remembering love for each other can really make any marriage work. If love is forgotten along arguments, misunderstandings, and distances, it tends to move away, and worse, got lost somewhere. “Love each other and everything follows,” Ryan Cayabyab advised to celebrity couple Juday and Ryan. (Napaka-showbuzzz ko hehe) I totally agree. Trust, commitment, respect, loyalty, patience, understanding – how can you remember all these if you forget about the simple yet complex thing called true love? Of course, there is love worth fighting for and love worth giving up. The love worth dying for is two-way kind of love that learns trust, commitment, respect, loyalty, patience, understanding.

When hubby and I both remember our love for each other, our prides shrink and forgiveness expands, our points of views pause from racing against each other and our listening (and not just hearing) ears take the lead. I think when two persons have this kind of love for each other, love, as the cliché goes, conquers all. Someday, we would have children who would fall in love and get hurt along the way, run to us when they have fights with their significant others, I would probably tell them these: “Anak, if you are sure that both of you love each other, both of you, kayong dalawa, should remember that feeling no matter what as you talk things out.”


nel's bebi said...

amen! :)
thanks for joing WS speakout Friday!

MrsPartyGirl said...

amen, too. :)

there was a nicholas sparks book that i read ("at first sight" yata, i forgot na, hehe!) and one of the things that was said there went something like this: when there are a lot of things going on between you and your asawa, and you feel like giving up, just remember why you fell in love with her (or him) in the first place.

and i so, agree! :)

thanks for sharing your beautiful insight, ris! :)